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Acrobat 9: Error message 110: Doc could not be saved

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I have been using new Acrobat Standard 9.3 for a few weeks. Having a problem with a certain pdf sent to me that was created in Acrobat 6. I can open and mark edits on the pdf but cannot save or resave it. I get this message: "The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (110)." Also, in that same pdf, several random pages would not display or print the entire page; just about 1/4 of the way down looks and then the rest was blank white space. the pdf is a mix of text and table and charts. The three or four other people who have worked with this doc are all using Acrobat 6 and no one else is having the problems I am. The file is not read-only and has no security restrictions. Have tried saving as different name/in different location; opening directly from e-mail as attachment, opening Acrobat first then trying to access file; downloading from e-mail through Firefox; downloading from e-mail on a different computer through Internet Explorer. I have been working with this same group on several other pdfs, some much larger, with no problem at all. What is it about this particular one? Any thoughts? Much appreciated!!

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Acrobat Standard 9.3.1, Windows
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This was a common problem that I first saw in A8. You would get a A6 pdf and open it in A8(9), work with it a bit, and when you tired to save it you get the 110. What I did was go to thumbnails (pages now) and copy all the pages to an existing A8(9) pdf. Then I would save the new pdf and delete my filler page. The new pdf would never show the 110 again.

Maybe this work around will work for you.