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Quick Start Videos for Users

Signing an agreement

Learn how easy it is to review, fill, and sign an agreement sent to you by someone in your agency.

Send an agreement for signatures using Adobe Sign

Learn how to prepare an agreement for signing, send it to one or more people, and track status.

Using a digital certificate with a PIV or CAC Card to Sign & Verify

Learn how to sign documents using your PIV or CAC card when working in Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Reader DC. This method also works when you’ve received a digital signature request from Adobe Sign.

On Demand Using Acrobat DC with SharePoint and OneDrive

Learn to use Adobe Acrobat DC with both SharePoint and OneDrive.

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Quick Start Resources for IT

Use Case Recipes for IT

Business Grants and Loans

Business Grants and Loans

Provide fast assistance to businesses by providing self-serve access to grant, loan, and tax deferral request forms.

Set up a web form in Adobe Sign

Learn how to set up web forms that employees or constituents can access easily online. They’ll be able to fill and sign electronically without printing or mailing anything.

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Telework Agreement

Telework Agreement

Efficiently collect signatures from all your employees on telework agreements, policy updates, and more.

Collect signatures in bulk with Mega Sign

Learn how to send one form to multiple people at once. Each recipient gets their own individual form to be signed, and you can track all the responses efficiently in one place.

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Contracts and Requisition Forms

Contracts and Requisition Forms

Quickly replace paper processing with compliant digital workflows, complete with audit reports.

Set up a workflow in Adobe Sign

Learn how to use Adobe Sign’s Workflow Designer tool to set up repeatable workflows that route to the right people for signature or approval automatically.

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Admin Console Guides for IT

Administer Adobe Sign

Learn how to administer and configure Adobe Sign features for your agency. You must be entitled with both a system administrator role and an Adobe license in the Admin Console.

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Admin Console

Learn about the Adobe Admin Console, which provides a central location for managing your Adobe entitlements across your entire organization.

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Add Users to Admin Console

After you've completed your basic setup steps, this quide will teach you how to add new users to the Admin Console.

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Videos for IT

Set up profile preferences

Learn how to set up your user account with the recommended options.

Add users to your account

Learn how to add users to your account. This video shows you how you can activate an account for another person.

Create and manage groups

Learn how to create groups, add users to groups, and edit group settings.

Share account access

In this tutorial, you‘ll see how to obtain view-only access to transactions in another user‘s account.

Adobe Sign + Microsoft Office 365 for IT

Get to know Document Cloud‘s plug-ins for SharePoint and Office 365

It’s easy for anyone in your organization to work with PDFs in SharePoint and Office 365. Adobe Document Cloud integrates seamlessly with Office 365 apps, letting users convert, combine, edit, and review PDF files in Sharepoint and OneDrive, and create PDF files in two clicks directly within Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

IT White Paper: How to enable Adobe add-ins

Adobe and Microsoft have multiple integrations to assist with productivity in your organization. This document will show you how to deploy the add-ins available for Office 365 to help employees get work done from wherever they are.

IT White Paper: How to enable Adobe apps in Teams

When everyone in your organization is using Microsoft Teams as a primary communication tool, give them access to e-signature capabilities and creative assets from directly within their chat channels.

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