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Insert and organize pages in a PDF

Learn how to insert, extract, rotate, reposition, reorder and replace pages in a PDF.

By Donna Baker – March 25, 2015


In this tutorial, learn how to insert, extract, rotate, reposition, reorder and replace pages in a PDF using Acrobat DC. (5 minutes)

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Lori Kassuba

8, 2016-03-02 02, 2016

Hi April Jackman,

I’ve seen this happen with old Word files (converted from .doc format). What version of Acrobat are you running?


April Jackman

10, 2016-02-19 19, 2016

Recently, when I created a PDF (Acrobat Pro) of a large report (MS WORD 2010) and noticed that there were randomly bolded pages of text(including Heading level 4) throughout the PDF. I also noticed that Table Border Lines had changed from double lines to bolded, dash-like lines. Is there an easy or quick way to correct this problem?

I copied and saved the pages to a new MS WORD document; deleted the cross-references and captions, typed the information instead, and saved the pages as PDF pages. NEXT STEPS: Appended/inserted the new pages into the original PDF, and deleted the incorrect pages.

Lori Kassuba

5, 2015-05-06 06, 2015

Hi Chris Guntermann,

This is just another way of doing things in this version. There is still a Page Thumbnails navigation pane in this version like you have in version 9 where you can do all the things you mention.


Chris Guntermann

9, 2015-05-05 05, 2015

Great to see the tutorial.  I’m sticking with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
where almost all those things can be done very quickly and drag-n-drop in the Pages feature in preview…. drag between files, re-order, delete,  then rotate individual pages in tools.  This looks like a way to make something done simply into something hard to do.

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.