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Use the Form Wizard

Learn how to automatically detect form fields and customize the properties of different fields.

By – March 26, 2015


In this tutorial, learn how to create fillable PDF forms using the Form Wizard. The wizard automatically detects form fields and makes it easy to customize the properties of different fields using Acrobat DC. (7 minutes)

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Lori Kassuba

3, 2016-01-29 29, 2016

Hi Karen,

Is this happening after signing the form? If so it might be related to the issue mentioned here:


Karen Dzine

7, 2016-01-27 27, 2016

I am in the process of taking all the forms we have in the office and converting them to fillable pdf forms that can be used in the field on iPads

Since the work computer does not have an acrobat version that allows me to create forms I have been saving the document out as a pdf and then opening that on my laptop using Acrobat X Pro 10.1

Some fields need to be drop down menus so I inserted those…..

PROBLEM: I didn’t want the drop down arrows box to print

SOLUTION: I found your solution you gave to someone on the over 990 days ago to (I’ve attached a screen snapshot of that conversation)

The pdf works fine but the “Hidden but printable” text field is not prining

1) I do have the print dialog set to print the document and the comments

2) I do have the text field at a lower tab number (dragged to be above the drop down menu in the field order)

3) I verified that there is no color settings on the field that would be “knocking out” the text

I don’t know what to try next

I thought creating the forms in a pdf program would be the quickest, most user friendly way to do this—was I wrong? Should I just make the forms in a word document and then save them as a pdf?

Need answer ASAP—Please help

Lori Kassuba

7, 2015-08-13 13, 2015

Hi Elango,

When you use the Distribute form option, you can choose to collect submissions via a shared network folder or SharePoint workspace. Or, you can customize the submit to send the form data to a URL. Here is a tutorial that explains how:


Elango Varadharajan

12, 2015-08-08 08, 2015

How submit button works?

Lori Kassuba

2, 2015-06-24 24, 2015

Hi Em,

You need to use JavaScript to create the date picker. There is an example of this in this toolset:



9, 2015-06-12 12, 2015

Is there a way to put a drop down calendar in my fillable form? I don’t need an online form, just a form for staff to use and fill on their computers

Lori Kassuba

9, 2015-05-01 01, 2015

Hi Michael,

This is frustrating. The problem is that when you’re in edting mode you can’t select both items. One thing you can do is to pull a guide out that then align both to the guide.



4, 2015-04-30 30, 2015

How to align a title with a text field?

I’m really frustrated as you can see and edit a text field and its title at the same time.

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