What’s new in Acrobat XI

Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro, including how to edit PDF files, convert PDF to Word or PDF to Excel, create fillable forms and more.

By Lori Kassuba – September 30, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro, including how to edit PDF, convert PDF to Word or PDF to Excel, create fillable forms and more. For information on how to get started using Adobe Acrobat DC, click here.

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What’s new in Acrobat XI

Lori Kassuba – September 30, 2012

Are you wondering what is new or improved in Acrobat XI?

  • Here's what is new in Acrobat XI
    • Redesigned Content Editing tools
    • edesigned Combine Files dialog
    • edesigned Action tools
    • ew Acrobat.com integration
    • bility to customize tools and panels
    • ew Office 365 integration
    • upport for touch gestures
    • bility to convert PDF files to PowerPoint
    • ew EchoSign integration
    • ew Webmail integration
    • ccessibility tool enhancements
    • nhanced Standards support
    • ommenting enhancements
    • ew multilingual installers
    • orm enhancements
    • rint Production enhancements
    • mproved Word/Excel/HTML export
    • nhancements in Adobe Reader
  • Redesigned Content Editing Tools
  • Redesigned Combine Files dialog
  • Redesigned Action Tools
  • New Acrobat.com integration
  • Ability to customize Tools and Panels
  • New Office 365 integration
  • Support for touch gestures
  • Ability to convert PDF files to PowerPoint
  • New EchoSign integration
  • New Webmail integration
  • Accessibility tool enhancements
  • Enhanced Standards support
  • Commenting enhancements
  • The Typewriter tool is now located here.
  • New Text Correction Markup tool.
  • The Comments List panel is now undockable.
  • New multilingual installers
  • Form enhancements
  • Integration with FormsCentral.
  • Integration with EchoSign.
  • New Position tab.
  • Print Production enhancements
  • Redesigned Output Preview dialog.
  • Reorganized Print Production panel.
  • Improved Word/Excel/HTML export
  • Enhancements in Adobe Reader
  • You can save your file without it being reader-extended first.
  • All the comment tools are now available.

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Lori Kassuba

5, 2014-12-19 19, 2014

Hi Manfred,

The Fill & Sign pane was introduced in Adobe Reader 11.0.09 so just make sure you’ve updated to that point version.



2, 2014-12-17 17, 2014

Dear Adobe-Team,one quick question regarding the signature functionality in Adobe Reader XI. I watched the videos on https://acrobatusers.com/top-features/adobe-reader

In my downloaded Adobe Reader XI I cannot see the Fill&Sign; Tab (in top right corner). Is this functionality only available for the verions with costs?
How can you do an signature with Adobe Reader XI?
Many Thanks and best Regards

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-12-11 11, 2014

Hi Ruby,

You should be able to do this if they’re on different computers.



1, 2014-12-10 10, 2014

I have downloaded the Windows trial version of Acrobat XI Pro - am I able to download trial version for Mac OS X as well, or only allowed one free trial at a time? I have a Mac as well as a Windows laptop.
Thank you


Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-10-07 07, 2014

Hi Jo,

Yes, in version XI the Reader has a highlighting tool.



4, 2014-09-30 30, 2014

Does Acrobat X1 have a highlight or paint function?

Lori Kassuba

3, 2014-07-18 18, 2014

Hi Frank Lewis,

Are you referring to when a PDF is viewed in your web browser? If so, if you move your cursor to the bottom on the screen, a heads-up display appears where you can select the disk icon to save the PDF to your computer.


Frank Lewis

5, 2014-07-15 15, 2014

How do I save an open PDF to my computer?  Choices seem to be limited to cloud options.

Lori Kassuba

4, 2014-07-03 03, 2014

Hi krissy,

You’ll need Acrobat (not the free Reader) to create bookmarks and hyperlinks in a PDF file.



7, 2014-07-01 01, 2014

Does this version allow bookmarking and or hyperlinking?

Lori Kassuba

3, 2014-02-18 18, 2014

Hi Konstantin Kuzmin,

dmg and pkg files are installation files and are not meant to be opened in Acrobat or Reader.


Konstantin Kuzmin

2, 2014-02-13 13, 2014

Can I open files like - (.dmg) or (.pkg) theme…?

Lori Kassuba

4, 2014-01-06 06, 2014

Hi Jill,

Here is a link to a tutorial on Redaction in Acrobat XI—beware that this is a Pro-only feature.



7, 2014-01-02 02, 2014

I need help in redacting in adobe xi

Lori Kassuba

3, 2013-11-05 05, 2013

Hi Wendy of MWU,

I see that one of our Experts has answered your question, so I’ll also reference it here:


Wendy of MWU

4, 2013-11-04 04, 2013

I need assistance with my newly installed Acrobat 11: I am making a FORM and my boss wants the option of being able to ADD Unlimited Number of Entries (using sentences) in the OBJECTIVES Section, AUTOMATICALLY numbering them from 1 and so on, as ENTER key is pressed at the end of each Objective. Was this clear enough AND is this possible in Acrobat 11? Please help. Thank you!

David Kastendick

6, 2013-08-16 16, 2013

Hi Gary,

With Acrobat XI there’s no real way to stop a user from distributing a PDF they’ve received. Once the file is in their possession, they can email it or transfer it like any other file.  One option you may want to consider is to set an Open Password for the document.  While the user could potentially distribute your document and the password, it’s one additional hurdle to overcome.

The only true way to restrict the distribution of a PDF is to use a DRM solution like LiveCycle Rights Management: https://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/modules.displayTab3.html

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Gary Sears

3, 2013-08-06 06, 2013

We publish an electronic guide and wish to allow the customer to use and print it for their own use. But not make copies for others. How does Xi secure the guide in fillable PDF and allow the consume to use it?


9, 2013-01-15 15, 2013

Is this presentation available in a PDF presentation or PowerPoint to use for showing new features in a classroom environment?  If so, can I get a copy?

Hi Denise,

I’ve published a PDF (with the video embedded) at this link:

You’ll need to download the PDF to view it.



5, 2013-01-07 07, 2013

which do I opt - Acrobat XI—standard or Pro ? Please guide.


Hi Lalit,

Here is a link to the Acrobat buying guide, which should help you determine which version would be best for you:


Jack Schreiber

9, 2013-01-03 03, 2013

I have tried to download Adobe Reader XI several times.  It does not show under the list of All Programs, but does show up under the Uninstall-Install category.  Plus when I get to a web page which asks for the Adobe Reader XI, it says it is now installed.  Help.  Jack

Hi Jack,

Do you have more than one version of Reader installed? If so, I would suggest uninstalling the older version first before installing Reader XI. If this doesn’t work I would suggest posting your question here:



8, 2012-12-19 19, 2012

How can acrobat .pdf fillable form be moved to a ipad and remain fillable?

Hi Dee,

You can open and fill in PDF forms on the iPad using the Reader for Mobile Devices:

There are some limitations associated with the form design outlined in the following tutorial that you might want to be aware of:



6, 2012-12-16 16, 2012

Let’s say you create a form using this tool and then you send it to someone to fill out. Then,they fill out the form with their information.  My question is ... can they save the results they input, along with the form, on their own harddrive so that they have a record of what they created or can they save the form. I assume they can print a form with their data in it, but I’m really interested in if it can be saved.

Hi Tara,
Reader XI allows you to both fill and save form information.




1, 2012-12-07 07, 2012

My lap top with vista will not open a pdf file, but it will open the file if sent to “open with” google chrome.

Hi Don,

It sounds like your PDF association on Windows is mess up. Try running the repair installation command from under Help menu to fix things up.


Michael Anderson

3, 2012-11-28 28, 2012

So why was Arobat XI not part of the Web Design CS6 package?

Hi Michael,

Acrobat XI was released 5 months after CS6 was released and the two programs are on separate development cycles. Acrobat XI; however, is available as part of Creative Cloud.


Patty Friesen

5, 2012-11-19 19, 2012

Hi William,

If you’re talking about installing the Acrobat XI trial, you can ask your question in the Adobe Trial Download & Install forum at:

If your question is related to a purchase of Acrobat XI, then the best place to ask your question is in the Adobe Acrobat Installation and Update Issues forum at:

Hope this helps,


William Yee

3, 2012-11-16 16, 2012

I installed it twice.
I chose English twice.
Twice it installed Spanish.
I cannot use it in Spanish.
Can you fix it?

Dean Brady

6, 2012-11-15 15, 2012

I am surprised not too many portfolio questions/comments on XI. To me the transition to X left portfolios with drastically different, if not limited functionality. Can anyone say “Welcome Screen”? If anyone knows if portfolio functionality was improved, please comment.
thank you

Hi Dean,

The Portfolio feature in Acrobat XI is similar to version X, except you can now use the Combine dialog to build a Portfolio and keep your native files. One thing to be aware of is that Acrobat XI no longer ships with an embedded copy of the Flash Player. So you, or recipients of your Portfolio, may be prompted to download a special copy of Flash Player from the Adobe website so be sure to do this for the best experience with your PDF file.


Barb Royce

4, 2012-11-15 15, 2012

If you are not going to add audio, increase the screen, it is impossible to clearly see the menu titles etc…this video was of no help to me.

Hi Barb,

All these videos were created in High Def. format so you shouldn’t have any difficultly seeing the video. To access the various formats just hover over the lower right corner of the video and select HD or High.


Paul Kostak

12, 2012-11-15 15, 2012

I love this new version of Acrobat. I need to convince my school to upgrade.


1, 2012-11-14 14, 2012

Will Acrobat XI convert non OCR-ed PDF’s to fully searchable files?


6, 2012-11-13 13, 2012

Have no idea why the video had the sound shut off.  I could find no way to turn it on.  Without that, it was just a blur of features I had no idea what they did. I saw things like “Print Production.”  Is that just a fancy name for the print feature? And “Action Tools.” I’m not sure how an “Action” tool is different from a regular tool.

In trying to find a way to get the sound to come on, I explored the bar at the bottom of the viewer.  Who came up with grey on grey markings?  And high, medium, and low episode settings?  What in the world is an episode in this context.  Is that like an a la carte entre in a new car?

I think I better stick with my Acrobat 8 and Acrobat Reader 7 (and my trusty Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 1.0, which is still the simplest graphics program I have found).

Scott Bateman

6, 2012-10-22 22, 2012

I have to say… I’m not a ‘Pro’ user of Acrobat, but for everything I do use it for, this version makes it all a lot easier and faster.


1, 2012-10-20 20, 2012

How to I upgrade from Adobe X to AdobeXI?

Here is a link to upgrade information:

Lori K.

Gina Laster-Fields

2, 2012-10-03 03, 2012

This is missing the only feature I TRULY need you to include. When will you build in the ability to export PDF to InDesign?!! I don’t care where you put it, either in InDeign or Acrobat, but this is a glaring oversight and long overdue. I shouldn’t have to buy a special plugin like PDF2ID to have this feature. It should be one of the conversion options in one or even both programs. I shoukd be able to open a PDF as an InDesign layout or save it to InDesign format from Acrobat. I can’t be the only person who has ever gotten a PDF from a client who didn’t have InDesign. Having the ability to convert the PDF to actual InDesign layouts would make be worth every penny, particularly since it would allow me to convert my InDesign modifications into an iPad -ready document.

Please make this part of either an Acrobat or InDesign update or make it part of CS7.

Hi Gina - I agree that this would make a wonderful feature and the best place to make this suggestion is right here:

Lori K.

Jim Farrell

10, 2012-10-02 02, 2012

Does Acrobat X1 for the Mac OS now able to initiate Shared Reviews on a SharePoint workspace?  Previous versions did not allow this, except for the Windows version.  Having that feature on the Mac version would be highly desirable to me.  Thanks!

Hi Jim,

Acrobat XI for Mac OS X supports network folder or web server folder (WebDAV) for shared reviews, as before. It may be possible to configure SharePoint to a WebDAV location but this isn’t an officially supported feature.


Carlos Aragon

6, 2012-10-02 02, 2012

Could I use in Macintosh Mountain lion?

Yes, OS X v10.8 is supported in Acrobat XI:


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