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Export PDFs to Microsoft Office formats

Learn how to convert PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, and save fonts, formatting, and effort.

By AFStudio Design – March 25, 2015


In this tutorial, learn how to convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel or PDF to PowerPoint files using Acrobat DC. Export your PDF files to full editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. (5 minutes)

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Lori Kassuba

6, 2015-12-23 23, 2015

Hi Mark Lewis,

Do you have all the latest point updates for Acrobat DC installed? What version of OS X is this?


Mark Lewis

6, 2015-12-21 21, 2015

I had the same problem as Young Park, but on a Mac. Any ideas?

Lori Kassuba

2, 2015-10-30 30, 2015

Hi Isabelo Ytac,

Here is an Excel technical note that should help you address this:


Isabelo Ytac

6, 2015-10-14 14, 2015

After converting pdf file into excel, I got this message: “no more new fonts may be applied. please close some other documents and try again.”  How to correct this?  If I coninue going on, excel keeps on shutting down.  Please help…

Lori Kassuba

4, 2015-09-29 29, 2015

Hi Young Park,

This is caused by the permissions your Windows user account has on the Windows system. Try rebooting your machine in ‘Safe Mode’ and run the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’


Young Park

5, 2015-09-27 27, 2015

I can’t export PDF to MS office format, when I try I have error message below “Save As failed to process this document. No file was created.
I have acrobat pro DC & MS office 365.
Please advise.

Patty Friesen

2, 2015-08-06 06, 2015

Hi Julie,

You can find instructions for creating an Action in Acrobat DC on the Adobe help site:

Hope this helps.



6, 2015-08-03 03, 2015

Never had to use an Action in Acrobat X or XI. I used these instructions. In Acrobat, go to View > Tools > Forms > More Form Options > Manage Form Data > Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet
Select forms to export data from, click on Export, Change “Save as type:” to “XML Files (*.xml) and save report. I only have Acrobat DC now, so how can I create an Action.

Lori Kassuba

5, 2015-08-03 03, 2015

Hi Julie Bleimeyer,

To export multiple files to XML, you’ll need to use an Action (available in Pro. version). This is the same as it was in earlier versions. All you’ll need to do is import your old Action into the DC in order to use it.


Julie Bleimeyer

8, 2015-07-31 31, 2015

With Acrobat 9, X, and XI, I used to be able to export multiple PDF files at the same time into an XML report format. I only see the ability to export 1 PDF at a time in Acrobat DC. What instructions am I missing? This is a very important tool for us.

Lori Kassuba

4, 2015-07-29 29, 2015

Hi Josine Macaspac,

It really depends on the layout of the original content. Sometimes layout and design equivalents don’t exist in Excel. But, you can always try it for free using the 30-day trial at:


Josine Macaspac

10, 2015-07-27 27, 2015


Is Adobe Acrobat powerful enough to be able to transform a PDF that contains around ~2000 sheets into a single, readable, editable Excel file without changing the format or the content?

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.