Favorite 2013 PDF tips: Staff picks

Favorite 2013 PDF tips: Staff picks

We asked our team to pick their favorite go-to tips for 2013. Talk about variety! There was one thing everyone agreed on: We all love the new 'How to Edit PDF' page. See if you agree with our picks.
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Create mobile-ready PDF files

You're mobile. Is your PDF? Learn how to create PDF files that can be easily accessed by mobile devices.
Why this is cool: "This tip is very forward-thinking and demonstrates how PDF and Acrobat are moving into the mobile space."
— Donna Baker


Build a button for a PDF form that creates a new page

Have you seen those forms that ask for additional but important information to be attached separately? Add a button to your PDF form and let respondents add additional details on a new page in the same document.
Why this is cool: "I like this tutorial because it's a feature that's been around for years but isn't 100% understood or utilized."
— Lori DeFurio


Create a flawless presentation for SlideShare

Learn the best method for creating a flawless presentation file that you can upload to SlideShare.
Why this is cool: "With so many people uploading presentations to SlideShare, this infographic walks you through the entire process from start to finish. You can't miss this!"
— Patty Friesen


Secrets to building an awesome dynamic stamp

Remember how easy it was to use a rubber stamp? Now you can do the same with dynamic stamps in Acrobat.
Why this is cool: "There are just so many ways to incorporate dynamic stamps in your paperless workflow — and Thom Parker's tutorial reveals all the tricks!"
— Lori Kassuba


Optimize your PDF for SEO

Boost your search engine rankings. Learn how to optimize your PDF to get higher ranking search results.
Why this is cool: "Love the way this tip adds value and relevance to my PDF content and pushes my information higher in search engine results."
— Kim Converse


Create and share custom tool sets

Save time. Learn how to build your own custom tool sets from your favorite tools and panel commands in Acrobat XI.
Why this is cool: "I like the ability to customize the interface based on my workflow."
— Chris Converse