Favorite 2014 staff picks

Favorite 2014 PDF tips: Staff picks

We asked our team to pick their favorite go-to tips for 2014. If you're looking for a way to do more with Acrobat, here are five ways Acrobat can help make your job easier every day.


Audit and optimize your PDF file

Learn how to audit the space usage of a PDF and then optimize it, so it's easier and faster to download, without compromising the quality of your text and graphics.
Why this is cool: "Because it's always good to know what's inside your PDF file!"
— Lori Kassuba


Create a PDF presentation from Photoshop

Quickly and easily create a PDF presentation or multi-page PDF documents using Photoshop CC.
Why this is cool: "I like this tutorial because producing a presentation or a multipage PDF file from Photoshop is an unusual approach to constructing a presentation. Rather than using a boring layout from PowerPoint, you can use your imagination or readily repurpose existing content to generate a cohesive publication."
— Donna Baker


Create a button form field to insert a PDF file

In this infographic, learn how to create a button form field that can be used to attach PDF files.
Why this is cool: "This is a pretty cool tip that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, so if you need to insert a PDF file into a form, this is the tip for you!"
— Patty Friesen


How to convert PDF files to grayscale

Sometimes it’s useful to convert a color document to grayscale. Maybe you want to save on color ink, reduce the file size or speed up printing. Whatever the reason, it’s simple to convert a color PDF to black and white.
Why this is cool: "It's OK to go gray! I like the fact that you can adjust criteria and attributes in the Convert Colors panel to refine the conversion to get exactly what you need."
— Kim Converse


Build a PDF form using InDesign CC

Go beyond the bland. Use the creative capabilities in InDesign to add a designer touch to your form and then export your form directly to PDF.
Why this is cool: "I like the synergy between InDesign and Acrobat. Leveraging InDesign's page layout capabilities makes PDF form creation faster than ever."
— Chris Converse